Namewee feat. Leehom Wang – Stranger In The North

Stranger in the North
Stranger in the north / Don’t ask about my hometown
Even these towering old walls / Can’t block the sadness
I’m a stranger in the north / How is my family doing?
Carrying on my shoulders a bag / Full of gloom

Some said he’d gotten into trouble back home / And had to escape
Some say he’d trained since childhood / And came to show his skills
Some men have lost themselves / Helpless, lost, wandering
Some men work hard to fill their stomach and support their families

Living near the outskirts of Beijing / Desperately searching for a job and apartment
Crowded buildings / Filled with so many foreign faces
He hurriedly wrote a resume / With longing in his heart
Pacing back and forth 930th Avenue / Hoping for a miracle